matcha tea capsules + hydration

why is it so important to hydrate when taking matcha tea capsules?

By now, we all know that proper hydration is important. It’s been pummeled into our psyche seemingly forever. Yet it can still feel like an old wives’ tale. The fact is, it’s true – our bodies
need water more than they need food, sleep or exercise. Every system in our body needs water to function properly. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all of our cells. It helps convert food
into energy, it promotes cardiovascular health, lubricates joints, protects organs and tissues, maintains body temperature, removes waste, supports brain function and regulates blood
pressure. When it comes right down to it, water is life.

Unfortunately, we pretty much hemorrhage the stuff. Just breathing and talking depletes our water supply, let alone sweating and going to the bathroom. So yeah, if we want to kill it out there, replenishing the water we lose is the best place to start.

so, how much water should we be drinking in a day, anyway?

You probably know the wisdom that the average person should be drinking “eight, 8 oz glasses of water a day.” According to the Mayo Clinic, (the best hospital in the world) that’s true. But Mayo also suggests you examine, not how much the average person should be drinking, but how much water you should be drinking. Hint: it’s probably more than you think.

Water is not only beneficial to your body, it can also boost your mood. Did you know that dehydration can make you cranky, tired and angry? Dehydration can also impair your concentration, making the finishing touches on the presentation that’s due in 10 minutes feel like re-writing War and Peace. So why not simply sip?

While it’s been a few years since many of us have laced up the cleats (sad, I know) we’re still hitting it pretty hard, exercising regularly and exceeding our limits in all kinds of ways. For those of you looking for an edge at the gym and in life, look at how much water you’re drinking. Be sure to drink before, during and after a workout as well as throughout the day. Remember all those body functions water manages? Well, that’s why.

Make drinking water your new healthy habit. Try hydrating properly for a week and see how wonderful you feel. At the end of the day, water is life. Of course, don’t forget to add your daily dose of Matcha Boost for clean (and hydrated) energy everyday.

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