10 Benefits of Organic Matcha Powder

Matcha Boost unlocks pure matcha green tea powder benefits by using the best organic, ceremonial-grade matcha ground from Japanese tea leaves.

What are the Benefits of Organic Matcha Powder?

1. Focus, Without the Jitters

For over 900 years, Buddhist monks have used matcha powder to focus during careful step-by-step rituals.

Matcha Boost combines caffeine with l-theanine for an extended boost of energy without the anxious jitters like you may get from coffee and energy drinks.

2. Boost Brain Function

Organic matcha powder creates an alert state of mind that allows you to reach a higher level of concentration.

Matcha Boost stimulates the feeling of mental clarity typically achieved through yoga and meditation.

3. Clean, Natural Energy

Matcha is a 100% organic powder green tea that gives an energy boost without excessive sugar and unknown chemicals.

Don’t worry, matcha boost capsules still contain caffeine, but when combined with l-theanine, the energy lasts for hours!

4. Zero Crash

Matcha Boost offers a smooth sustained boost of energy that tapers significantly slower than coffee and energy drinks.

All-day energy means you can maximize every hour to the fullest!

5. High in Antioxidants

Organic green tea matcha powder contains a class of antioxidants called catechins.

Of all the major superfoods, Matcha powder has the highest antioxidant rating.

6. Clearer Skin

Matcha powder can do crazy things to keep your complexion fresh and healthy.

Not only does it reduce inflammation, it also rejuvenates the underlying skin to improve your complexion. Matcha benefits for skin are an added bonus!

7. Increase Metabolism

Organic matcha powder utilizes fat as an energy source!

Caffeine and ECGC antioxidants work together to raise your metabolic rate and increase fat oxidation.

8. Reduce Inflammation

Matcha has a high level of ECGC which has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Green tea has polyphenols, antioxidants believed to reduce inflammation and slow cartilage destruction.

9. Increase Your Mood

Organic matcha powder relaxes and neutralizes you which results in happiness.

L-theanine boosts the production of alpha waves in the brain. These alpha waves encourage relaxation and induce a profound feeling of mental clarity and a more alert state of mind.

10. Improve Physical Endurance

A recent study found that matcha improved endurance by 24%.

When caffeine combines and L-theanine are consumed in tandem, as with matcha, this combination helps to slow the entrance of caffeine to the bloodstream.

This means your body gets to experience the boost of caffeine for much longer.


Matcha Boost vs. the Alternatives

Matcha Boost is an undeniably better way to fuel your body than the sugar and carb-loaded alternatives. And since Matcha Boost is about $1.00 per serving, it can also save you some dough.

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