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learn about how ayo® supplements uses only the highest-quality matcha to create the best version of yourself

Organic Matcha Powder Online

Ayo® is a Chicago-based company focused on providing premium matcha powder ingredients. We import the matcha plant from its native country, Japan. By making it easy to order matcha online, we empower our customers with all the of health benefits of matcha.

Take the Stress Out of Being Your Best Self

Ayo® was founded on this principle and understands that it can be hard to be the best version of yourself everyday.

That’s why we partnered with mother nature’s finest – matcha – to create products that are just as good for you as they are effective. No complex formulas or ingredients you cannot pronounce, we kept it simple, only what your body needs and nothing else.

Clean energy from nature’s most powerful resources and pure zen from the tea fields themselves means less stress and more of your best!

How Matcha Boost was Born

I have never been a habitual coffee drinker. I simply don’t like the taste of black coffee nor can my lazy metabolism handle the cream or sugar needed to make it palatable to me. Thus, I have always opted for green tea and the tremendous health benefits it brings to the table.

I was always traveling and on-the-go. On the rare occasion I was home and found myself with enough time to make a cup of matcha tea, I couldn’t wait to drink it, until, that is, I actually had to drink it. Personally, I found the taste to be well, distasteful. So, I’d choke down a cup knowing if I could get past the taste, I’d feel amazing afterward. It helped me feel energized, healthy and focused.

Monday morning would roll around and I’d be back on another airplane knowing it could be weeks before I had time to make that next cup of beautiful, but not so great-tasting cup of matcha. Occasionally I’d pop into a coffee shop and try a matcha latte, but at $5 a cup and typically loaded with cream and sugar, my waistline got thicker while my wallet got thinner.

There had to be a better way.

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I fumbled with bringing my own powder on trips, but quickly found that hotel rooms are not conducive to the messy and involved process of preparing a proper cup of vibrant green matcha. Finally, I thought to myself…pills. There has to be a matcha pill. A pill I can throw in my briefcase and take with me wherever I go.

So began my extensive search for matcha pills. I quickly found nothing of substantial quality. There were a few companies out there making cheap products trying to capitalize on the matcha craze, but the serving sizes were too small, the ingredients not organic, and frankly, the prices too high for an inferior product.

I quickly shifted my focus from searching for matcha pills, to a way to make my own. After purchasing a pill press, I started creating my very own matcha pills in my kitchen. I took them with me wherever I went. I gave them to friends and coworkers. Afterward I would hear responses such as, “What was that green stuff you gave me yesterday? I felt great!”

That was all the motivation I needed to create Ayo Supplements and offer our first signature product – Matcha Boost. My team and I sourced the highest grade matcha from Japan, combined it with your daily dose of Vitamin B-12, threw in a strict commitment to excellence and Matcha Boost was born.

Now all my friends, family and millions of others can reap the many health benefits of matcha tea in the convenience of a capsule. Now, I take Matcha Boost after lunch, in between meetings, before a workout, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing. I don’t need to be near a kitchen to get my daily matcha.

Selfishly, I made this product for myself. In doing so, I made this for the countless others of you out there looking to be more present with your family and friends, looking to crush your workouts, your afternoon meetings, or just your Saturday afternoons. I am humbled and happy to have you join us on the journey of energy, evolved.

Paul Sciortino
Ayo Founder & CEO (Chief Energy Officer)

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